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The Wellness start by the senses, that trigger our emotions. Let's discover, together, the true Essence of the Wellness.

Maria Pipitó is the operator behind of the “Zeta holistic” entity.
Born in Messina (Italy), on the 13/10/1991, she grew up with the passion for the power of healing and the esoteric field.
On the 2014, looking for a job that could mix her passion with her needs, she had a first experience in a Wellness Center. She enjoyed so much the harmony and the energy exchanged with the clients, that choose to follow a dream to get her own Wellness Center.

With this big dream and limited resources, between the 2014 and the 2015, she follows many courses and became certified Beautician Q3. During the program, she had a successful Internship at the Beauty Center"METAMORPHOSI" and at the dermo-aesthetical center “Centro dermo-estetico di Paola Runci”, both in Messina.
In this period, she also had an experience inside of an Hair Saloon as beautician and masseuse, administrating autonomously the beauty’s area of the shop.
On December 2015, she became Meditation facilitator, studying in the “New light Association” under the Guide of Giuseppe Mirisola.
In his shop, “La Lanterna Magica”, she made a meditative group’s workshop with a topic focus on: how to get through “the mutations” that happens in our life.
She keep on studying into the holistic field and in the period between April and May of the 2016, she became Reiki Master with a full-immersion program, planned by the Usui Reiki Master Elisabetta Elliot. The exams have been articulate in 21 days of distance each one, in honor of the meditation period of the Reiki’s founder Mikao Usui.
In Turin, she follows the first workshop about Akashic Records. Afterward, on the 21/02/2016, in Milan, she became a Reader of Global Akashic Records following the workshop organised by the association “Il Giardino del Sé”.
On August 2016, she move to Portugal to jump in a new experience and improve her knowledge of the languages, in order to be able to perform her attitudes everywhere.

She started studying Shiatsu in Portuguese and worked as Massage Therapist and Holistic Operator freelance, in collaboration with a suggestive Hair Saloon “Maison in d’Arte” located in the central area of Lisbon.
Specialized in massages and experts in various topics, she developed the ZETA massage. It is a therapeutic massage based on an emphatic touch, with the purpose of the welfare.
She also sold essential oils and supplement for the well-known American brand do-TERRA.
She create a program of lessons as Trainer of Postural exercises and is keep working to realize her dreams.
In those years, she got the follows certifications:
- Certification as Psychosomatic/Relaxing massage therapist;
- Certification as Sport's massage therapist (with decontracting techniques);
- Certification as Aromatherapist;
- Certification as Coach of creative meditation 1° level;
- Certification as Coach of creative meditation 2° level;
- Certification as Coach of creative meditation 3° level (master Coach);
- Certification of participation to the training about the techniques of enhancement of the vision (BATES method);
- Certification as Reading and chaneling of the Akashic records;
- Certification as USUI Reiki 1°level;
- Certification as USUI Reiki 2°level;
- Certification as USUI Reiki 3°level (Master Reiki);
- Certification as Beautician Q2
- Certification as Specialized Beautician Q3
- Certification as Trainer of Postural excercises ATS;
- Certification as Naturopathy Consultant (with Scientific approach).
- Certification of Therapeutic Shiatsu (1º level)
- Certification of Therapeutic Shiatsu (2º level)
- Certification of Therapeutic Shiatsu (4º level)
- Certification laser Diodo 808nm

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